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A bit dusty in here.
Just posting this to let everyone know I haven't died, I just moved on from the world of LJ. If you want to still follow me my tumblr is aerialsquid and my sporadically updated AO3 account is Seiberwing.

Black Bile
For the Truth
Title: Black Bile
Fandom: Ace Attorney
Characters: Tyrell Badd
Warnings: Suicidal ideation and depression.
Summary: Detective Badd is very, very tired.
Author’s Note: This was originally written back in March, when I was doing…less well than I am now. It needed to get written but not, perhaps, published just then. Now is a little better.

Trigger warning for suicide, reemphasizing this.Collapse )

Gaps, glasses, and more costume changes than Team Rocket.
Enemy Mine
Title: And So I Face the Final Curtain
Fandom: Batman (The Brave and the Bold)
Characters: The Music Meister, OCs
Summary: It’s hard to face the music when you’ve built your entire life around the hopes of a criminal record.
Author’s Note: Full guilty confession, I have not actually watched any BatB beyond Music Meister’s titular episode. Probably should get on that eventually. However, Meister doesn’t seem to actually have any canon besides that episode so hopefully this doesn’t run smack into any contradictions.

Seiber's writing backstory for undeveloped minor characters again, what a surprise.Collapse )

Earth-63 Riddler Celebrates Halloween
Ham and Cheese
I've been a bit derelict in getting these posted, business and mental instutions and crime and so on, but better late than never. Unless you're Temple Fugit, I suppose. Here is the set from Halloween weekend, one of the few non-convention times I can go out in full regalia and not be accidentally arrested.

It's nice to get a little appreciation once in a while.Collapse )

(no subject)
For the Truth






The curse of loving the rare pairings is that when you do find them you get a little overexcited.

(no subject)
For the Truth
Update on the thing from this morning. The guy was pronounced dead at the hospital.

I feel like there should be more to this entry but my brain's stuck on 'fuck' so that's about as good as you'll get.

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'Con support
Someone get me out of this post, I don't need this bullshit this morning.

The icon just makes it worse.

Enemy Mine
Just what I need to wake up to this morning. Bus/car collision literally right in front of my apartment and the ambulance didn't seem in any great hurry to get the guy to the hospital. Hopefully the day can only go up from here.

A2 says the medic says the guy was in critical condition when he left but still alive, so that's something good.

Lazy Sundays make idle hands.
Ham and Cheese
Title: Maiden Voyage
Fandom: Batman (1960s TV Show)
Characters: Penguin, Riddler, Catwoman, Joker
Warnings: Recreational drug use.
Summary: Penguin's plans come from unusual sources, but why mess with what works?

Like this show wasn't already on copious amounts of drugs.Collapse )
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Distractions, distractions
One week until I quit my job. I can do this.

So I have a new A03 account, courtesy of bessyboo, and I am populating it with all the fics that I don't feel too awkward to still hold claim to. It's a really nice archive, I love the tagging system, the advanced system for warnings and notes, and the kudos feature which means I can know people liked my stuff without them having to actually write out a review.

The ability to shelve related fics into a series is also very useful, but it does bring me to a dilemma. I have two sets that I'd want to put in a series (my first two Riddler fics and the Badd/Faraday+Kay AU of hugeness) but now I have to think what to title them. I might also do a title change on the third one in the AU because I rushed it out for my mom's birthday and it doesn't flow right.

This fanfic stuff is hard.

EDIT: You're gorgeous, tagging system. There's actually other sixties Batman fics. Granted, they're all bdsm porn, but given the canon it's understandable.